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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Quiet Revolution in India

It is heartening to see higher numbers for primary education in India. Good education is what is making India stand out against all the other developing countries, and if India can clear this obstacle, there is nothing to stop it from achieving true greatness.

What is even more heartening to see is that much highers figures for female primary education. Indians have not been very good to the girl child, and hopefully they have started realizing them that education empowers them so much so that they don't have to give a dowry for her, instead they deserve to *get* a dowry for her.

What more, I personally believe that the only solution to India's population problem is universal education, esp. of girls.
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If women in India start marrying down, dowry will vanish in 3 months.

Can Urban Women Marry Down ?

This article will showcase how feminism sleeps with patriarchy and crys foul at the same time.

If we go by basic core values of feminism, it is about gender equality. Going by the same yardstick, it can be easily observed that feminism does not truely advocate about it as far as marriage is concerned. One wonders, why women (especially working, secure, affluent) do not marry down. “Marrying down”, means marrying somebody who is younger/less educated/has lesser income/is shorter than you.

Why the hell feminism does not preach women (especially who are well off) to marry down ? When men can marry down, what stops women from marrying down ?

If women really want to get rid of their so called subjugation and other evils like dowry, then marrying down will get rid of all social biases in a few months. One has to wonder why feminists are not preaching such a simple solutions. Because, feminism sleeps with patriarchy. Feminists want to have benefits of patriarchy under which only men marry down and women always marry up. Its very difficult for feminists to give up these nice romantic feelings of patriarchy for the sake of gender equality. So, feminism sleeps with patriarchy at night and in the morning it raises a hue and cry that it did not get proper sleep last night.
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