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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Making a Difference

A very touching article about a person who is making a real difference in the lives of thousands of working children, educating them about their rights, teaching them vocational courses, and making them heard.
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Saturday, October 30, 2004

'Hobbit' joins human family tree

Did Tolkien have all that good an imagination, or did he know this from before?
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BBC NEWS | Americas | Pakistan split over US poll

What Pakistanis think about the US Poll.
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Porsche sets Indian roads on fire

A Dream!!!
Waise I haven't been post much on LordOfTheLinks for some time now. First on account of the Navratri when I had to go back home, and since returning I have been a little to busy. Hope to be regular from now on.
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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Google Desktop Search

Google Challenging the Power of the Redmond Badshah?
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Google bets on 'dynamic' India

Larry and Sergei are in India; they met the President. They promise that they will be carrying out core activities like search, mail and Print at their Bangalore centre.
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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Optical Illusions

An exhaustive [perhaps] collection of some of the best optical illusions ever.
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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The Capitalist Yogi

A article by Chidananda Rajghatta in ToI about 'Bogi Yogi', who started the Sikh Dharma, an offshoot of Sikhism. Followers of Sikh Dharma believe in continueing with their business ventures, the sect owns several large companies, and is a major contributor to political campaigns.
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Bengal puts read before Red

An open example of how the Left is backing contrasting ideologies at the Centre and in the State.
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TIME Magazine Cover: Christopher Reeve

The Time Magazine Cover on the big screen's original Man of Steel, and how he fought against a real-life tragedy.

The Wikipedia writeup about Reeve can be found here.
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In the Shadow of the Taj

The Story describes some of the people who are directly dependant on the Taj Mahal for their livelihood. This comes in the wake of the celebrations on the occasion of 350 years of the Taj.

I had earlier posted a link to a more detailed story about Wajahuddin here.
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The Hero of Batalik

Extremely touching, This is the story of Major Sarvanan, who died while capturing a peak in the Batalik sector. His body remained for 41 days on the ice in No Man's Land, while the war raged.
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India's costliest mobike at Rs 176,000!

Definitely on my wish list!
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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Indian English Leads Charge!!!

Prof. David Crystal, a leading linguist has predicted that in a few years time, Indian English will be the most prevalent dialect of English on the planet, with others like the original Queen's English following it.

Thank you, The Big Bad Blogger for the link.
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Friday, October 08, 2004

Berlin Wall being Rebuilt ?

Don't worry, Cold war is not back. It is only the restoration they are doing at Checkpoint Charlie, to conserve a historical treasure.
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Potter shocks: More killing

JK Rowling has revealed the name of her next book:Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince, and has also dropped hints that more characters will be killed. I just hope it's Voldemort!
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'Frog's glue' could mend knees

Ugggghhhhhhhh ! How very revolting :-(
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India's 1st Maybach for Manikchand boss

The Rs. 3.5 crore Maybach makes its debut in India. But somehow I do not like the idea of the Shree Ganesh being with a Pan Masala Tycoon. I would have bought it had I the money ;-)
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The changing role of defence firms

The article describes that now as the defence spending in the US is now expected to taper off, the biggest defence companies, which control over 80% of the market as a result of various M&A's, face tough times.
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Boardroom pay rises gallop ahead

The differential between the earnings of the workers and the Directors is increasing at a very fast pace. Strategy above the implement?
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Thursday, October 07, 2004

A BMW in Iraq - Bad Choice

The article describes how BMW owners are facing a lot of hassles with the police these days in Iraq because the vehicle is frequently used by terrorists.
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Google SMS

Google invading Nokia's space? I can not say much about it, being in India, but it does look a good service; the main challenge being delivering the information of highest relevance since the display space is much less on a handheld phone.

Apart from that Google has also started Google Print, which aims to organize information contained in books.
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The Gudiya "reality show" irks social activists

The "Gudiya" episode is one of the most shameful in recent times. It has clearly shown how immature the Indian media is, and to what levels they can stoop for the sake of TRPs. What I found most revolting are the comments by Rajdeep Sardesai, given towards the end of this article. It is high time the media start regarding people not as sources of interesting Masala news, but as Human beings.
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When Love Is a Crime

This story on NYT is about 'Honor Killing', a tradition in Saddam's Iraq in which any woman who committed adultery was liable to be killed by her own family, no questions asked. This woman describes her own story. I was really aghast.
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No food no thought

A new column by Latha Jishnu in Businessworld on the critical issues in the country we ignore. This issue deals with malnutrition in India's hinterland, and how the Government has not been doing much regarding it. It also claims that the economic benefits accrueing out of feeding our chilren properly can leave Software and Information Technology far behind.
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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The Incredible Shrinking Man

No, this is not related to the article on the Shriking atomic clock, I had posted about earlier. This article is about Eric Drexler, the MIT Physicist who originally mooted the idea of nano-machines, and now finds himself beleagured in his own world. Interesting.
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New from the stalwarts of the Internet

Here are some NEW announcements by the stalwarts of the Internet:

Watch out for many more new products and services!!!
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They came, they saw, they flew out

Why are CEOs of billion dollar multinationals tip-toeing into India, and returning eqully quietly, and why are they afraid of too much media speculation.
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Science mourns DNA pioneer Wilkins

Wilkins, whose efforts preceeded those of Crick, Watson and Franklin, took the first clear photograph of DNA's double helix structure. In fact, he also finally proved the double helix structure true. The scientific community mourns his death.
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Govt can reap Rs 79,000-cr harvest, Left won't mind

By selling shares in Government PSUs without letting total stake fall below 51%, the government can net a lot of money, almost Rs. 40,000 cr from the oil sector alone. This money can be used to retire public debt. Even the Left would not mind because it is not exactly privatization, concurs Ila Patnaik.
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Opponent of China's One Child Norm Abused

A Human Rights agency has said that a woman, who had chosen to bear her second child, and not undergo forced abortion, in 1988, was sacked from her job, and even put in a labor camp. Read the story for more details.

Meanwhile, China has decided to do away with the one-child norm, reports Chinal Digital News.
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Air Deccan to expand

Hopefully by next year, fares will tumble down quite a bit, and make air-travel more affordable and more popular.
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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

New economic geography

The article describes why highly industrialized states can lose out to the competition after a period of time, specifically using Guangdong province of China as an example. It also tells how that after a long time of ignoring the needs of the farming community, the sector is hot again because of very less talent there.
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Latest mobiles 'open to attack'

The article says that the lastest cell phones, esp. the ones based on J2ME are vulnerable to being hacked, including an outsider gaining control of the address book, and even evesdropping. Time Norton took notice.
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Monday, October 04, 2004

The perfect world of Devkishan Lakhiani

A very touching piece about Dada as he is lovingly referred, who even after 84 years of living through every king of situations hasn't given up, and most importantly does his bit for the country and the society. A role model.
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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Blogs for recruitment

Both recruiters and applicants are finding that blogs are a very good way to find more about each other, and are making use of them in the recuitment process.
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Prisoners break out into a Song

In Kenya, a couple of prisoners, broke into a song while making their escape, to drown the sounds of their escaping.
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Rogues in the BPO domain

The article tells how many swindlers have entered the BPO Industry to make a quick buck or two. It also describes their modus operandi.
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Google Challenge: Keeping Wealthy Workers

Ah! The pains of getting rich.
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Ask. But Don't Tell.

A very interesting article about the art of taking interviews, how to make evasive politicians say something concrete, the Presidential election is in perspective.
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Stressed physically and mentally?

A study by NIMHANS shows that people who practice Sudarshan Kriya regularly have lower levels of stress. Although, I would rather have had a comparison with traditional yoga and pranayam techniques as well.
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Friday, October 01, 2004

Waste, Development Chokes Sacred Indian River

There it goes again. Imagine if small time development in Delhi can hazard Yamuna so much, what would happen if all rivers were to be linked. My advice: Stay off.
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Gentlemen, Kill your Engines

China's auto industry slowing down? Well, the picture seems to be quite bleak right now with projected capacity within a few years expected to be almost double the demand. And the auto multinationals are continueing to sink billions of dollars in China. Some more statistics are available here.
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Focus on Existing Projects, Not 'River Garland'

A very good article on how India doesn't stand to gain that much by 'river linking' than it can by just completing the various projects which are in different stages of completion.

In fact, to me, the very idea of fiddling with Nature seems to be creepy. There can be a thousand and one unpredictable problems which arise due to Man's will pitted against Nature -- something which probably has been debated through centuries.
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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. Martin Luter King Jr. on the cover of TIME [dated 3-Jan-1964] when he was adjudged the Man of the year. A biographical sketch is available from Wikipedia, and some of his quotes from Wikiquotes. Read his famous I have a dream speech.
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Turn Off The Cell Phone

Why you should switch off the cell phones in a public place. An interesting read.
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Bharti versus China Mobile

A comparison of Bharti and China Mobile, the largest players in the two markets. Although, the analysis is not comprehensive, it is good to see some comparison between the two brightest markets.
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China's domain name .CN tops 402,000

The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), claims that .cn is the fastest growing domain in the world with 400 registrations as in August. Compare that with the ten thousand odd domains registrations for .in, managed by the National Centre for Software Technlogy (NCST), and you begin to get an idea about the difference in levels.
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In pictures: Indian film posters

A gallery of Indian film posters on BBC UK, from AAN to SHAHEED. Although, they seem to have a bias towards Dilip Kumar, it is good to see Indian cinema being featured on international media.
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