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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Microsoft releases Windows file system beta | InfoWorld | News | 2005-08-29 | By Elizabeth Montalbano, IDG News Service

Microsoft launches the first preview of its WinFS file system, which is expected to drive the next generation of products in its Windows stable. WinFS is expected to do a better job of indexing content on the computer and make it easier to search and sort your files and folders.

It has made an early test version available along with the API for developers to give their feedback in its developer conference in mid September.
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How to Face Off Against Microsoft

Intuit is the company behind QuickBooks, the preferred accounting package of choice for small businesses all over America. And Intuit is going to be facing stiff competition from the Pasha of desktop software, Microsoft. Microsoft is planning to soon launch a accounting package directed towards small business, perhaps leveraging its acquisition of Great Plains Software.
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A Memorable Deal for Apple and Samsung?

Samsung is wooing Apple computer so that it uses Samsung NAND memory chips in its next generation iPod shuffles. NAND chips have several advantages, the primary being much better power efficiency and much more robust parts.

Apple seems to be planning to come up with Shuffles with a higher capacity and screen controls to bridge the market with hard drive players.

The main competitors of Samsung, Hynix and Toshiba are not as well prepared to established to supply NAND chips since they are far more number of lines producing DRAM chips used in PCs.
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One Device to Rule Them All

Peter Adderton, the CEO of Amp'd Mobile, is trying to chase the Grand Convergence, the one device which will take care of all your digital needs, from music, to the internet, and television, and of course communication. It is targeting the Generation WHOIS, which already drives all the entertainment on the internet and mobiles.

The company is armed with over $70 million in venture capital. Execution, in the presence of all the 800 pounds gorrilas in each of the fields, is going to be tough !
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Flickr Fans to Yahoo: Flick Off!

Flickr fans berate Yahoo! for trying to move their accounts to Yahoo! Ids. The fans feel that their Flickr identities may be under attack. Flickr founders are however trying to allay fears saying that except for sign-on, flickr identities would rule.

However, it would remain to be seen how many promises would be actually kept.

Yahoo had bought Flickr sometime ago.
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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Making his first million, from IT

The story of Prateek Garg, who created two companies in the IT Infrastructure management area. His first company IT&T was into maintenance, and this second Progressive IT is one of the top few IT Infrastrure management companies with a turnover of more than Rs. 80 crore.
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Landmark Indian jobs bill passed

Lok Sabha passse the 100 day job guarantee bill. What remains to be seen is whether the bill can translate into real bills for the poor.

Another important point is that the job-guarantee is given to all rural households, and in many parts of the country many households in the rural areas already enjoy a lot of privileges due to which they are pretty much "rich". And it is they who garner all the government resources. They would probably make best use of this law while the condidtion of the masses might not improve as much.

The fact that the Congress government chose to overlook this is clearly indicative of its interest in the elections than development.
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Costa Coffee eyes Indian tea cups

Costa Coffee of the UK is planning to open 300 coffee bars in India. It sees a lot of opportunity in the booming middle class. It is trying to work out a deal with Devyani International, the franchisee for KFC and Pizza Hut.

Starbucks next?
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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Is RIM Ready to Rumble?

RIM the makers of the popular handheld device Blackberry is facing intence competition from the likes of Microsoft (Windows Mobile), Palm (Treo), Dell (Axim) and HP (iPaq). The main bottleneck for Blackberry is that its software is not as well integrated with other corporate software, a game Microsoft is very adept at playing. MS is itself launching a free update to its Exchange server which incorporates "push" email which could be a threat to blackberry.
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Google Buys Android for Its Mobile Arsenal

Google buys Andriod, a maker of mobile software. Little more is known about it, as either parties refuse to talk more about it. Seems like a step forward in Google's push into the mobile arena.
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The Birth of Murdoch.com

News Corp. is betting heavily on the internet as the future of broadcasting. It recently acquired the parent of MySpace.com and is looking at a few search companies for acquisition. The company that has built the Fox network as one of the biggest networks, is worried that the younger generation is spending more and more time online, and the advertising dollars are following them there.

It remains to be seen how News Corp. creates an online success where its competitors (Disney with Go.com and Time Warner with Aol.com) have faltered
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Zotob worm hole also affects Windows XP

The Zotob worm which caused havoc with Windows 2000 systems earlier is also deadly for Win XP. Home users are particularly at risk.
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IBM'S Passage to India

IBM is bullish on India. Reports suggest that its India strength would total more than 38000 employees by the end of 2005. That too when its laying off more than 15000 people in its services division in the West.

India has already surpassed IBM Japan as its largest non-US operations.
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Why Oracle Has Its Eye on India

Oracle decides to buy a controlling stake in i-flex, the Indian software company which focusses on banking software. It seems Oracle has decided that organic growth alone is not going to take it anywhere near SAP, and it has to rely on acquisitions and mergers for the same. Rajesh Hukku of i-flex calls it a validation of Indian software companies esp. those in the product domain.
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India: An Agent of Change

An interview with Nandan Nilekani where he talks about Outsourcing, the unleashing of Productivity in the West, India emerging as a global power -- basically India being an agent of change.
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The CEO's Tech Toolbox

What every CEO would like to have in his/her tech toolbox but probably couldn't afford all of them. Still they make interesting reading!!!!!
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Finding a Blog in a Haystack

Blog search is hotting up. High time Google, Yahoo and MSN got on the train!
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This man just came up with A Better Option

Arvind Thiagrajan of Chennai claims that he has come up with a image compression algorithm which achieves much better compression than JPEG without any losses.

However, when he starts to talk about his company is where is he the most uncomvincing. He claims that his company has been a huge success in Australia with an M-cap of Rs. 500 crore (USD 100m) and he is going to "introduce" it into the US and Indian Markets. I am not so sure if it works that way in Hi-Tech entrepreneurship -- I am sure if he had such an invincible technology he would ignore the US in the first place! and even if he did, two years is a long time in computing research.

Besides, if it was so good, we would have surely heard about it in the multimedia community!
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