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Friday, November 25, 2005

Advanced Micro Gets Down To Business

AMD made great inroads into Intel's marketshare in 2005 and it wants to repeat its success in 2006. AMD executives want to take its share price, which at $27 is at a 4 year high, even further up.

AMD plans to follow a three pronged strategy:
1. Try to ensnare Intel's biggest customer - Dell. Dell which currently only sells Intel chips on its website, has recently shown signs of considering selling AMD chips as well.
2. Try to push its Opteron chip into the high-end server market.
3. Try to push its Turion chip into the Laptop market. Intel Pentium M based on its Centrino technology has been the biggest driver for Intel in the past couple of years with laptops becoming the device of choice for corporate executives as well as consumers. And Intel has ridden this wave on account of its Centrino brand. AMD has come out with Turion this year which is promising but still only occupies a small corner of the market.
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